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World’s biggest trivia tournament

Trivia Royale is the largest free mobile trivia game in the market. Developed by Teatime Games, Inc., you will compete against a thousand players from different parts of the world in a battle of wits and brains to be crowned as a Royale. In order to achieve that, you must successfully overcome the challenge of more than 100,000 questions and answers—and more are to be added daily.

Be a royale and stay on your throne

Trivia Royale is a quiz-based battle royal game wherein you will have to win against other players in an intense test of general knowledge. Each match will start with you facing precisely 1,024 real-world online players that you’ll battle individually through head-to-head quizzes until all of them knocked out. Each round consists of 5 questions that could give you up to 20 points on the first 4 questions and double for the fifth. Bear in mind that the longer time you take to answer, the fewer points you will get.

On top of that, you are only given a 10-second chance to key in your response—which means it’ll be difficult for players to consult Google for answers. This game also offers various playstyles in the main menu such as quizzes that focus on certain topics only—and as mentioned above, it continuously provides new questions every day, which will make it difficult for you to memorize the answers. If you managed to be the last player standing, then you will be taking the throne of the Royale.

Not only that but once you win, you will also gain access to the exclusive Royale Lounge. What sets this trivia game apart from its competitors is its ability to provide highly-customizable avatars that utilize advanced "Game Face" face-tracking technology. With this, you will have a stylized depiction of yourself in the digital world. It also contains non-intrusive ads thus, you can expect that you can carry on with your games even with these.

Test your brain

Trivia Royale is a quiz battle royale tournament that will surely test your general knowledge. It is highly recommended for you to play, especially if you enjoy the thrill of answering questions and going up against real players. With the high level of game difficulty it exhibits, you will definitely feel a huge sense of satisfaction once you crowned as Royale. 


  • More than 100,000 of questions and answers
  • Compete against a thousand of real-online players
  • Highly-customizable avatars
  • Non-intrusive ads


  • Connection issues appear oft-times

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